Ok, I have been using this for a few years now.   I am still running win98se.  I am still running SA RWE, but am trying to get copilot to fit better on a smaller screen.  I hit the power button when I enter the truck and it is playing tunes in about a minute.  I hit pause first if I want to start up the GPS program or Netstumbler...they are one click buttons on the remote.  This software for sharing serial ports is the best. Comfoolery is the actual program.  It is amazing what I can do now. Ok, last hint.  USAPhotoMaps downloads the terraserver.microsoft.com images, and will store them on your hard drive, it also will use a GPS.  Try it to see what I mean.
Obviously no time was put into the creation of this web page.
I haven't spelt cheked it yet iether so nevr minde.

It is a work in progress.
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The Donor vehicle is a '96 Dodge Cummins Fullsize Clubcab.
We take it on the road a lot, so most of these things add to our driving pleasure.
updated 1 Aug 04
Time wasters in progress.
1 Aug 04: Been using this for a few years  now. About a year ago I added the TFT screen.  Much better.
14 Nov 03: I am now officially using the
ATI Remote Wonder with Girder to run my machine.
30 Sep 03:  Got 2 different
remote controls to run computers...easier than using a keyboard?
15 Sep 03: Just got back from a 1600 mile trip, used the
moving map, MP3 player, and Netstumbler
7 Sep 03: 99% complete with
mod/install (only thing left is fiberglass) Lots of new pictures
22 Feb 03: Used
TightVNC to administer the truck computer from the comfort of my house.
25 Sep 02: Started using wizmo.exe 
12 Jul 02: Long term notes
9 Oct 01:
Moving map is done...just some cleanup detail to do.
1 Oct: Look what I did to the dashboard...look at
moving map
19 Jul: Been busy ok?  Added a USB port to a
Fujitsu Sylistic 1200 Pad computer...
25 Feb: Finished
keyboard (well it's as done as it is going to get for a while)
16 Feb: Added info about the
Custom Keyboard I am making
15 Feb: Added info about
Inverting your LCD display so you have green letters on black.
30 Jan: Joined Dodge Diesel Webring.
19 Jan: Added some Links
25 Dec 00: Merry Christmas
21 Dec: Added info on how to make a
VCD to play in your DVD player.
27 Nov: Reorganized
Fullsize Dodge Ram Electronics Install
Fullsize Dodge Ram Electronics Install
Time wasters in progress.